Date of Birth:
(08) 9386 4345
0459 480 378
August 29th, 1961.

Employment | Education | Skills | Interests

Employment history:

  • AutoTrader Magazine (Belmont):
    Graphic designer/typesetter/photo technical support
    Duties included page setting for car dealerships, typesetting from Filemaker to InDesign and QuarkXPress, occasional photography, editing and correcting customer PDF documents, data entry and research, correcting in-house artwork templates for quality and stability, client liaison, backup support for digital photo processing staff, customer help line for Trading Post.
... May ’06 to Feb. ’11
  • Signman:
    Graphic Designer/Large Format Printer/Computer Help Desk
    Duties included graphic design of signage and advertising materials, operation and maintenance of large format colour printing equipment, serving as computer help desk (software problem solving and hardware maintenance) and digital pre-press.
... July ’04 to Dec. ’05
  • Digital Elements - Project Services Australia:
    Graphic Designer/Digital Prepress
    Duties included pre-flighting of documents and print graphics, pre-press production, book editing and illustration, and photo-retouching.
... Jan. ’01 to Feb. ’04
  • Ready-Ed Publications:
    Duties included graphic design of book covers, page layout of school workbooks, HTML authoring, Internet graphics, programming and design of educational computer products, client liaison and problem solving over the telephone. Software used: Adobe Pagemaker, CorelDRAW, Macromedia Director, Asymetrix Toolbook, Allaire Homesite.
... April ’94 to March ’01
  • CMC TAFE, Perth:
    Lecturer in Multimedia Graphics
    Duties included preparation and delivery of design unit for 3rd year multimedia students. In 1998 teaching extended to include design basics for 1st year students and advertising for 2nd year students.
... Feb. ’97 to July ’98
  • Freelance design:
    Computer graphics, photography and design on freelance basis.
... June ’92 to April ’94
  • Return to Irvin Graphic Images:
    Duties as previous (listed below) with the addition of advice service for computer imaging, and training of clients as computer graphics users.
... Sept. ’90 to June ’92
  • Channel 10 Perth:
    Senior Graphic Designer
    Duties included design of video graphics using Quantel mainframe computer; set design for the channel 10 news; on air graphics for news broadcast and other productions.
    Setup of the graphics department to include hard copy output, typography, showcards, publicity materials. Additional duties included training staff, writing equipment manuals, and handling work experience programs.
... March ’88 to Aug. ’90
  • Irvin Graphic Images:
    Graphic designer
    Duties included design of corporate graphics, presentations for mining companies, medical illustration, advertising, letterheads, billboards, book covers and illustration, standard layouts and paste-up, client liaison and consultation regarding interior design and business presentation.
... Aug. ’86 to March ’88
  • Sound Images:
    Special effects photographer/animator
    Duties included camera work and design, stock ordering, film processing.
... Oct. ’85 to Aug. ’86
  • Part time and casual work:
    • Part time work with design agency (typography, camera work, airbrush and animation).     1984
      Part time social photographer.
    • Casual staff at W.A.I.T (technician, tour guide, tutor).     1982-83
    • Casual commercial artist (furniture catalogue illustration).     1977-78
      Casual sales work (clothing store/Putt-Putt golf).
      Holiday/weekend work as electrician’s assistant.


  • Primary:
    • Doubleview Primary, Jackson Ave, Doubleview.     1967-68
    • Our Lady of Good Counsel, Miles St, Karrinyup.     1968-70
    • Servite College, Cape St, Tuart Hill.     1971-73
  • Secondary:
    • Servite College, Cape St, Tuart Hill.     1974-78
  • Tertiary:
    • Western Australian Institute of Technology.
      • Foundation year, Design.     1979
      • Second year, Graphics - Print media and Photography.     1980
      • Film and Television Design to Bachelor of Arts (Media).     1981-83
    • W.A.C.A.E. - Partial studies toward Graduate Diploma in Education.     1985

Additional Skills and experience:

  • Graphics:
    Typography, illustration (computer, pen, charcoal, oils, acrylic), photography (portrait, illustrative, b&w processing), bromide production (PMT, TP6), page layout for book publishing, web graphics and animation.
  • Computing:
    • Seventeen years of professional experience with CorelDRAW (Versions 2 - 12).
    • Twelve years of professional experience with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop (Vers 5 - CS4)
    • Three years using Quantel Video Paintbox.
    • Word processing, using MS Word in both PC and Mac operating systems, Claris works for Macintosh.
    • Eleven years of professional experience with Adobe (formerly Aldus) Pagemaker.
    • Three years of programming using Asymetrix Toolbook and Macromedia Director (cross platform learning and assessment programs written for Windows and Macintosh).
    • Good knowledge of HTML, some basic JavaScript. Able to troubleshoot, maintain and upgrade PC computers, and experience with simple LAN network systems.
    • One year with Content Management system troubleshooting for Trading Post website.
  • Video:
    • Production crew (camera and lighting assistant, sound recording)
    • Television graphics (digital and hard copy)
    • Animation (video and film techniques using Oxberry and Forox cameras, Quantel Paintbox computer and Autodesk Animator)
    • Worked in Tapes and Presentation Control for six months in community television.
  • Office procedures:
    Stock control, equipment maintenance, client liaison, training (both hands on and writing of instruction manuals), typing (50 wpm), computer and network help and maintenance.


  • Music:
    Three years vocal training, stage and choral singing including 2 years with WASO chorus; proficient with guitar; some ability with flute and keyboard.
  • Theatre:
    Chorus musical work; cameo roles and three lead dramatic roles; set construction; graphic design (programmes and promotional materials, T-shirts etc.)
  • Education:
    Former Adult Literacy tutor; producter of teaching aids; volunteer primary school art teacher; lecturer in multimedia design and graphics.
  • General:
    Cooking, photography, sound effects and recording, light exercise, gardening.