Mister Max and his camera.

Photography for the fun of it


Welcome to my little gallery. I've long had an interest in photography, it's a family thing. From a very young age I enjoyed the sight of the blackout board going up in the bathroom and the light fitting being swapped for the red darkroom light. It meant we were mixing the chemicals and setting up the enlarger on a board over the bath to turn out some prints. The developer was a particular scent I haven't experienced in a long time but the fixer was strong enough to pickle its way into my memory for life.

Back then my camera was an AGFA box with a nice leather case. Every picture was a ceremony of unclicking the metal clasp and removing the camera, setting an aperture for either sunny or shade (indoor was out of the question), clicking the spring shutter and cranking the exposure safely into the dark paper roll. I'd get eight photographs to a roll of film. My next camera was a Rolleiflex. A wonderful piece of German engineering with six-centimetre square negatives; I'd get 12 photos per roll.

There have been considerable changes since then and I have enjoyed the innovation. Interestingly when digital cameras were beginning to become affordable the first one I bought was again an AGFA, capable of 640 by 480 pixel images! Changes continued and now a good photo can be had from mobile phones. An even better photo can be had using a good camera, lenses and lighting equipment. So now I have treated myself to a little studio out the back and some very nice toys. Here are the results.

I shoot a variety of subjects, and a specialty of mine is producing 360° panoramas for Google Street View or tour projects. I also enjoy portraiture and going on photo-picnics where I help people practise their skills with photography and lighting. If you would like to know more or have a photographic request you're welcome to contact me via email at

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